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There is an Alien Presence Intervening in our World

To give you an understanding of what is happening in the world, and of the direction humanity is moving, you must be prepared for the greatest shock of your life. For this is a subject that the worlds governments refuse to talk about, and have for the past few decades tried to stop you discovering it. There is an Alien Presence in the world, a Presence made up of between forty to fifty different types and races of Alien Beings, all having one aim in common, to remove the human race from being the sovereign race of our world, in order to take possession of the worlds great store of natural resources. To do this, the Alien Presence has initiated an Intervention against humanity.

This Intervention is far reaching and has taken a path that mimics the natural movement

of evolution, but I can tell you, this path is far from the evolutionary path that humanity need to be following at this time. Throughout our ancient history, we have had various Alien visitations, unlike what is happening today. The Alien Presence in the world today

are not visitors for they have come to stay and have set up shop so to speak. The Alien presence in the world is deadly serious about their task in the world and part of their Intervention is the Abduction of human beings to perform a program of Gene manipulation to enable them to create a Hybrid being that will respond to the Alien agenda and give loyalty to the Alien Presence only.

The Alien Presence and Intervention have been running a program of pacification against humanity, using deceit and lies on various internet sites, to mislead and manipulate those who are weak and shallow minded. This is done to give the appearance of the Alien Presence being a friendly to those who visit these sites, but I must warn you, they are far from friendly, for they intend to use the greater part of humanity for biological resources, for the fluids in our body that enhance cellular growth. Even to be used for food for those Alien races that will find our body to be a delicacy and nutritional. This is what it is all about, the Alien Presence in our world make a living out of collecting Resources that will give them a return of profit. We are the means to an end in making financial gain.

Yet humanity has found Allies

Allies of Humanity, Book 1

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

in other Alien races, who have been asked to come and observe the Intervention and what it means for humanity in its finest detail, from a place of secrecy in our Solar System. They have given humanity a broad outline of who the Intervention are and what they are trying to achieve. In the Greater Community, these Intervention Forces are known as Collectives and Scavengers of this galaxy, they travel the galaxy seeking resources they can take from others who are unsuspecting of the tragedy that befalls them. It just happens to be humanity who are the unsuspecting race now being slowly and surely manipulated and coerced by methods the Intervention have used and improved time and time again.

The Intervention have not come with armies or war machinery as we know it, to force humanity into submission, they have come with deceit, deviousness, cunning and guile,to manipulate and distract humanity away from its awareness and discernment of what is happening around them. This always happens at a time when the victim is not ready. Like a Lion, it will always go down wind of its prey to ensure the greater element of surprise, if the prey gets wind of what is happening, it could mean failure for their enterprise. Another intention of the Intervention is to use humanity as slaves, working for the Hybrids in gathering all that they can use from our world as resources to be used as saleable commodities in the Greater Community. This will mean the end for humanity, for those of humanity who are left, will mean forced interbreeding with the Hybrids, until the original human being will not be required.

The Intervention Forces have tried to coerce governments into waging war with each other, but thankfully the governments saw through the deceit and told the Intervention behind closed doors to leave humanity. But the Intervention turned their attention to our world of commerce and big business were they are having greater success where commerce and big business are now trying to rule the world. But of cause the governments cannot see this.

Our Allies have given so much information to humanity regarding the Alien Presence intervening in our world, but it is imperative for humanity to prepare and make ourselves ready for whatever is needed to be done, regarding removing this unwanted presence from our world. We must prepare with urgency, for the Forces of Intervention in our world are most certainly prepared for humanities emergence into The Greater Community an emergence that we are not ready for, for it is not a time of our choosing. At this time, we must not be complacent about the situation humanity is in, we must respect our Allies and the danger they have put themselves in, even some of them losing their lives in order to bring this urgently needed information to help humanity.

Marshall Vian Summers

The Allies of Humanity have been asked by the Forces for Good in our universe, known as The Unseen Ones, to deliver this information to humanity and telling us about the help living within human body that has been placed there by God for times such as these. The help is known throughout the Spiritually practicing worlds as Knowledge, the most powerful Force in the universe. This is where

we need to prepare, for we now have the ability to practice this most ancient of practices, Steps to Knowledge and develop our Spiritual relationship with Knowledge and follow its guidance and direction to those we are meant to be with who share our purpose in this life. All of humanity who are born at this time, have come to this world with a specific Purpose for being in the world.

God has seen this problem coming over the horizon for humanity and has sent a New Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers into the world to Teach humanity of The Greater Community way of Knowledge, Spirituality and Wisdom, helping humanity come to understand the Great Waves of Change that are now happening to the world. So in this, God has given humanity the help it needs, and it is now in the hands of humanity to respond to this help. Do not expect someone else to do that which you have been born to do. Humanity is now calling you out of your comfort zone, to do what you have purposely come to do in the world, for only you can give the gifts humanity needs at this time. This is your Calling.


The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is being presented into the world at this time. It has come at just the right time. It gives you a head start in preparation, but even with a head start, time is short because Greater Community forces are in the world today. Their influence over humanity and their impact on your environment are growing. You must be prepared not only to accept their presence, but to encounter them and to deal with their impact on you, both physically and mentally. This requires a new foundation for religious experience. The world’s religions will need this if they are to survive in the next era of human development and evolution.

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