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Error of the past and Survival of Humanity in the Future

Humanity have over used and abused the world and its resources, resources that were meant to last humanity for many thousands of years into their future, and could easily have done if used meaningfully and wisely. The great problems humanity will face from now and into the future have been handed to the generations to come on, and who will need to be more caring for the world they call their home. Some of the things humanity have done are now a problem to reverse, to the extent that the survival of humanity is now in question. This is age of The Great Waves of Change.

You see, Humanity have not only used up most of the worlds resources, they have also damaged the worlds environments with pollution, elements that should never have been discarded in the careless way they have, in the oceans in the seas in the rivers, in the soil, in the atmosphere. Here we are breathing and drinking these pollution’s unknowingly. And with this, the use of all the fossil fuel and the burning of wood  and oil  has created a barrier in the atmosphere so that the heat cannot so escape and so builds up, creating the global heat up that we are now experiencing. This will cause the sea levels to rise by 100ft over the next 150 years. This is the age of The Great Waves of Change.

Chemical pesticides are being sprayed over the crops and the soil, that are having disastrous affects on nature and natural balance that nature provides. Also, the balance   has  been destabilized in the environments of the weather, because of deforestation across the world, there is only one third of the forests left that stood three hundred years ago and these were integrally linked with the environments of the worlds weather. All the forests that are left at this time, around the world, cannot keep the balance that was once given.

The Great Waves of Change book

But of cause this is now the age of The Great Waves of Change.

God has sent a New Messenger into the world at this time. He walks upon the Earth and from time to time mingles with the crowds. He has the same lineage as The Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad. The New Teachers name is Marshall Vian Summers and brings New Revelations for Humanity and Steps to Knowledge at a time of great need; change and peril for the world, from Forces not of this world, yet working to make this world as their own. This is why the world has a different feel to it now, because the world is being influenced by these forces, you who read this are also included in this influence, as is everyone on this planet.

to the worlds environments created by humanity in its neglect of the worlds resources and environments bringing about a world in decline, bringing about the breakdown of the worlds societies into chaos and destruction. The wars and deaths humanity will encounter, will be on a scale never witnessed before in the history of world, so great they will be, they will be greater than both world wars combined. These Great Changes, have already begun.

Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers

The world’s sea levels rising one hundred feet, will lead to millions of deaths and loss of land for growing much needed food. You see, the Earths and the worlds environments have spiraled out of control because their tipping point for action to remedy the problems have now passed, they passed some twenty five years ago. Now, Humanity will have to live with the problem they have created for themselves and the generations to come, Humanity need to repair and make good the damage that has been done. It is no good praying for God to fix our problems, for God has put humanity in the world to take care and nurture the world. This is what we must do now, if we are to survive as a Species, as a Race of beings with intelligence and Spirituality.

We must work together now, for in truth, we are not the Tribes of our past any longer. To survive the present and go into our future, we must become one race of beings working for each other, to do anything else, here, will mean humanity will have no tomorrow.

This applies not only to our errors against our Earth, but also to the Forces that are in the world now, from The Greater Community who are operating an intervention against Humanity for control of our world. Here they are using deceit, guile and influence to dispel the discernment of their presence and confuse and distract Humanity from the truth of their presence in the world.

We must repel them with all the force at our disposal, be it physical, mental or spiritual, in order to take control of our own future, evolution and destiny.

You who are reading this information, at this time, are being asked, has is all of humanity, to respond to the urgent situation of the world. You may say to yourself. “How can I solve the problems of the world, I am not God” This is an obvious truth and God did not create
the problems of humanity, but God has given the help needed for this time, God has given humanity the power and authority of Knowledge. To understand what you need here, go to the New Message from God.

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