Oct 19

Freedom and its Truth in the Universe

There are many notions regarding Freedom in our world, what it can be use for, and how its ownership is achieved and preserved.

With this, do we really know the true purpose of Freedom and the great value hidden beneath this very respected word?  The associations and values we connect to Freedom, are in truth somewhat distorted from its true meaning, for in tMarshall Vian Summershe main, Freedom is used for self-gratification, the right to obtain resources which the poor and impoverished  have no access to. The Freedom to avoid responsibilities in the world and take a larger share of  the wealth of the world, without concern for the starving and deprived of the world. Is this the true reality? Freedom is for finding your true purpose in life, to find your purpose you must first seek that which holds your purpose. Here you seek the Great Spirit within you, the Great Spirit of Knowledge. With this, humanity has been given through God and the  New Messenger from God a Preparation and Practice known as The Steps to Knowledge, used for millions of years in the Greater Community of Worlds, and is now here in our world.

But if we look at Freedom in the Universe and its availability to Beings in other worlds, we would see how Fortunate humanity is in this respect.
Life in the UniverseLife in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers-2 and the closer Greater Community of Worlds is so great and diverse, here life is very different from that of humanity, where Beings are not of the Human Family and worlds have developed many different forms of Beings and appearances, with different Intelligence and awareness, different ethics, and values, where Societies have evolved different cultures with different purposes to that of humanity.
Yet, in the vastness of the Greater Community of Worlds Individual Freedom is very rare and existence of Free Societies which value the potential and creativity of the individual is also very rare.
This is because, living in the physical environment and the difficulties presented, like challenges of survival, the acquisition of resources, competition with others, the threat of war and annihilation, problems of governance, the size of civilizations and the rise of technology.
All these things, to whatever extent they exist in any world, tend to limit the value, recognition and importance of Individual Freedom.
With this, worlds are governed and controlled using Conformity of their Gene structure, to determine and ensure beings have a mental submissive and compliant nature, enabling total control of Being’s, in Societies, Education, Civil and Commercial Security.
Here, Individual Freedom, to live where you want, eat what you want, to sleep when you want, have children with who you want and many other Individual Freedoms, that are taken for granted in our world, disappeared many thousands of years ago in many of the Greater Community Worlds.
At this time, in our evolution, our world is under Intervention from Being’s of the Greater Community. They wish to take the ownership and sovereignty of world away from humanity and use humanity for their own purpose while taking away humanities Freedom.
In truth, can you who are reading this, let this happen, without Resisting against it? Look here for Steps to Knowledge, and know what to do, in order to preserve our Sovereignty, Freedom and the Self-Determination of our world.

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