Nov 28

Great Danger of Intervention from the Greater Community.

How, do I tell Humanity of the Truth and the Danger that is coming through the door of their life? Danger on apocalyptic proportions for the whole of Humanity. It is today I tell you of the great danger of Intervention, an event that to some has been obliviously creeping stealthily upon Humanity, purposely being hidden from view, while Humanity move further down the road of no return. But, if Humanity know of this great Danger, then they can respond to it, as Humanity must.

The Danger:  Humanity have received contact from alien beings, known as The Allies of Humanity. They made contact twenty years ago to Marshall Vian Summers, a person I will introduce to you in a short while.
Here is part of a greater transcript of the contact from The Allies of Humanity.

Our names are not important. They would be meaningless to you. And we shall not impart them for our own safety, for we must remain hidden in order that we may serve.

To begin, it is necessary for people everywhere to understand that humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life. Your world is being “visited” by several alien races and by several different organizations of races. This has been actively going on for some time. There have been visitations throughout human history, but nothing of this magnitude. The advent of nuclear weapons and the destruction of your natural world have brought these forces to your shores.

The visitation in your world now is very extensive, so much so that people in all parts of the world are witnessing it and are experiencing its effects directly. What has brought these “visitors” from the Greater Community, these different organizations of beings, is not to promote the advancement of humanity or the spiritual education of humanity. What has brought these forces to your shores in such numbers with such intention are the resources of your world.

Allies of Humanity, Book 1

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

The information given by The Allies of Humanity is far reaching and very daunting, in that the self determination of Humanity and its freedom will be taken from us and also the Sovereignty of this world will be lost to these Forces of Intervention. They have come to our world from the Greater Community of Worlds, yet remain hidden from view, and are secretly manipulating humanity from their hidden enclosures. This is not the act of a friend! This is not how to create trust between races of beings! This is not the action of truthfulness or Beings of Spirituality!

I must assure you, this is not a threat or assumption. It is truth. It is happening to Humanity now, as I type these words. The time is slipping away, and with this, so is our very existence as a race of beings. And though they come talking of ascension and how they are our long lost family that has come to unite with us again, it is so far from the truth, for in reality they have no regard for Humanity what so ever, Humanity are just a means to an end, for the Forces of Intervention to mesmerise, deceive and manipulate Humanity from the Sovereignty of our their world.

By ourselves, Humanity will not be able to exert enough pressure upon these Forces of Intervention, even though they have no intentions of using force. For in the Greater Community, it was realised many thousands of years ago that war and the use of conflict created more loss than would be gained. So, these alien beings, the Forces of Intervention,

use a far more subtle approach in their technique, to overthrowing beings of war and conflict. They use lies, deceit, our religious history and superstitions to manipulate an confuse Humanity using the Mental Environment of the world they are Intervening.

At this time, they are lulling Humanity into a mental pacification, while at the same time they are abducting our people, experimenting with the bodily structures and genes to establish a Hybrid Being. The Hybrid will rule and control Humanity to the point of Humanity losing all of its freedoms. These Hybrid Beings are living within humanity now, as I write to you. These things are happening now in our world, under the noses of our governments our armed forces.  In truth, the worlds authorities are aware of the Intervention Forces and of their intentions, but the governments and authorities bury their heads in the sand and do nothing.
This is because they fear the strength of the Intervention and what advanced weapons they may have. The truth here, is, they are not here with an army and weapons, and are weak in Marshall Vian Summerscomparison to the fears of the Governments, thinking the Intervention are mighty in weaponry. How wrong the governments are.

Yet, I could enlarge even more, but, I must inform you of a development in regard to what I have said, that is of a more positive nature. Earlier, I mentioned a person by the name of Marshall Vian Summers, He is the New Messenger from God. He brings New Revelations for Humanity, Revelations never given before to Humanity. The New Message from God, has not been given to the governments and leaders of Humanity they have not been given to the rich and powerful, for they will take this New Message and use it for their own gain and power, has happened to previous New Messages from God, like that of Jesus and Muhammed, and Their Messages from God.

Marshall Vian Summers is in the world because of the great Danger upon humanity now. God has sent the New Messenger to give Humanity the way out of this great danger. Here Marshall has received revelations concerning the Great Spirit that lives within all of Humanity, and is known as Knowledge within the Greater Community of Worlds. Knowledge is the Greatest power and force in the Universe, with Knowledge, Humanity can secure and maintain its freedom, secure its Boarders of Space, become self-sufficient and become very discreet with our communications. With this, Humanity must awaken to the great potential God has provided for us to repel this great Danger, now upon Humanity.

Do not let anyone persuade you, that those forces now intervening in the world are here for the benefit of humanity. This represents confusion on the part of the human family and deception on part of those Forces of Intervention who are here already.                                Do not accept the sentiments of others as being their true and honest intentions.               Do not accept the intentions of others as being clearly and honestly defined.                             Discern very deeply those that move the meaning of words in order to suit their objectives. Here, there is manipulation and deception.

There is now a Calling in the world for a response to this danger Humanity is facing. For the governments understand the problem but cannot find the solution. It is those of Humanity who have come to this world at this time, have come with a purpose. This purpose is intrinsic for you being in the world, and you have come with the design that is needed at this time. Humanities future generations will be unable to make the difference they are destined to make if Humanity cannot respond now at this time. All those who are reading this, have the right to understand what your responsibility is at this time, for no one else from any other world will come to help Humanity. This is the responsibility of Humanity, God has already given to Humanity for this type of danger and this time. Do not fall away to leave it to someone else to do what you are born to do, for your life is for a greater calling.




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