Influence and the Mental Environment

Influence and the Mental EnvironmentHumanity is used to dealing only with itself and has never had to deal with other intelligent life where thought control is practiced.

The difference in life in the Greater Community of intelligent life is that the negotiations between races are on an unimaginable scale in terms of complexity:

“The mental environment is the environment of thought and influence. Into this environment, not only do you direct your thinking toward certain individuals, you also create thought forms. Thought forms are potent organized thoughts that can have an influence on the thinking and the emotions of others. They are not real physical objects, but they act in a way that is similar to an object.”

Life in the Universe, Chapter 7 – Competition, Influence and the Mental Environment

This is why God has sent a new Revelation. Without this warning and a path of preparation given to the human family from the Creator of all life, humanity would easily fall prey to the mind control and enslavement by alien races, which operates on a much more sophisticated way:

“A strong mind will always influence a weaker mind. A strong mind can to a certain degree control a weaker mind. This happens even if the stronger person is not trying to cast an influence or persuade anyone to do anything. The fact that his or her mind is more concentrated and less conflicted, with greater intention and self-determination, will have an impact upon other minds that are less focused and less concentrated.”

Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2 on the subject of mind control

Influence Through Mind Control – Not Threat of Violence

“Outright invasion is not allowed in this region of space because it is a very civilized part of the Universe. Races cannot come and take another world by force. It is not allowed because it represents danger and instability in this part of space. If races want to gain influence in another world, it must appear that their presence is accepted and welcomed. They must attempt to gain control by other means.”

This “other means” is control of the mental environment by the Intervention which is competition from beyond the World from other races using thought control to influence humanity’s actions.

These visitors from other races are not strong with Knowledge, they do not understand the impulses of Knowledge. Therefore, the stronger we are with Knowledge, the more inexplicable we become and the harder it is to use thought control against us.

“The visitors do not have physical strength. Their power is in the Mental Environment and in the use of their technologies. Their numbers are small compared to yours. They are wholly reliant on your aquiescence, and they are overly confident they can succeed. Based upon their experience so far, humanity has not offered significant resistance. Yet the stronger you are with Knowledge, the more you become a force for freedom and integrity for your race.”

Allies of Humanity Briefing (Book 1, Fourth Briefing)  “Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs”

“Concentration is power, and if you are this concentrated, if you have brought all of your inner resources together, and if you are being guided by Knowledge, which is the greatest power, then you will be a force within the mental environment and will be able to help free others from the oppression of all the conditioning that overlays the mental environment of humanity.”

Resisting the Intervention on the subject of mind control

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