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Intelligent Alien Beings, Behaving like Parasites in our World

You would normally associate Parasites with creatures such as birds or animals in the wild, or fish in the seas and rivers. But the Parasites I am talking about are active beyond the normal senses, and beyond the environments that we accept as normal.
The Parasites that plague wild creatures, attach themselves to their host without the animals awareness and in places on the animal where they cannot be detected. As soon as the Parasites get to its preferred place, it pushes a hooked shaped snout into the animals flesh and there, begins to suck the resources it needs to maintain its existence in this life, with little or no regard for the host creature. Here the Parasites are only concerned with the supply of blood from the host.

Yet the creature, the host, cannot detect this Intervention, because the Parasites are devious and cunning, once in place, they will take the very life force out of the creature and generate disease and infections into the creatures blood system. Here the Parasites are contented that the creature is weakening and becoming more compliant. This will continue until the animal is overtaken by a depth of infection and disease that wreaks havoc within the creatures blood and nervous systems, and sadly, the creatures life ebbs away leaving a wreck of a carcass. The Parasites then moves on to its next host, looking for further resources.

You must know this is not fiction, it is the truth of life, Not only in our world but throughout the universe, in all the worlds holding life. It may be simple life forms, yet it will still happen. It may be intelligent life forms, but it will still happen. It may be advanced life forms with great technological advantages, yet it still happens there. The problem is not foreseen by the host, it is not expected by the host and it is not detected by the host until it becomes too late to respond and repel it.


Now for the truth,Aliens that respond like Parasites have attached themselves to humanity, these Parasites are intelligent Alien Beings, known in the Greater Community of Worlds as Scavengers. Yet because humanity have developed their way of life to live on the surface of this world and living with the biological structures that are invasive to our body systems, human beings have developed an immune system within them, their normal system to help them survive. This defensive system is rare in the universe, and yet we are still prone to the attachment of Parasites. Due to the naiveté of humanity and its war like tendencies we have gained the attention of races of Beings from beyond our world, and from the near Greater Community of Worlds. And to go even further, humanity have developed the use of radio and television, here we broadcast everything we associated with, out into the universe for every other world to hear and see. This includes the Scavenger Parasites of the near galaxy.

The truth is, we, humanity, have given other worlds cause for concern, over our use of atomic weapons and attaching them to missiles, thereby giving them a far greater threat, not only to our world but to the worlds that are in our near locality of the galaxy. They view humanity as unintelligent and moronic, with no care for their worlds resources or their environments, for these are viewed as very important to survival in the Greater Community, along with the ability to be discreet and self reliant.
Here the Parasites see humanity as ignorant and with little or no intelligence. They are here in the world to take advantage of the resources our world contains. They are also known in the Greater Community as Collectives, moving around the galaxy looking for resources they can take from other worlds through extortion, deceit, manipulation and any means that suits their purpose, without regard for the Host race and their suffering in the process.

The world and the Solar System, is humanities domain, and have ownership, authority, and sovereignty over it. The Parasites are now in our zone of authority and have been so for decades, in places they feel safe and discreet and go unnoticed, true to the way of Parasites. But from their hidden vantage point, they are able to interfere and manipulate humanity. They have abducted hundreds of thousands of human beings, many, never to be seen again by those who love them. The humans are being taken to enable the Parasites to propagate and generate Hybrid Beings, using genes from the Parasites to dictate the nature of the Hybrid and to work on behalf of the Parasites Intervention and to steer humanity into the clutches of the Parasites control. The Hybrid will always give its allegiance and devotion to the Parasite, this is a dedication created by the genes they have received.

These Alien Beings cannot live within the world, due to the biological structure of our world and the threat of certain death for each of them. If they should enter our biological atmosphere full of bacteria, germs and viruses, just one sneeze from a human has the potential to wipe out their populations if carried back to their space craft and then to their worlds. To overcome this problem, the Parasites have created the Hybrid beings. The Hybrids are not friends of humanity. The Parasites are not friends of Humanity and our love should not be lost on them. For they are not here to share in those sentiments. They are here to take the sovereignty of the world and our Solar System from us, and use the human race has its work force, controlled by the Hybrids they have created. With this, the Intervention will not need all of humanity to do this work, and many will not be required, those not required will be resources for their commercial endeavours. This will leave a bare minimum to be used as slaves, just as we use the beasts of the field.

The Parasites are telling humanity they are here to reunite with their long lost family, that we are their long lost family, having been seeded from their stock. They will say many things to deceive us and manipulate us. They will even try to deceive us saying they are Spiritual Beings and are here to enlighten humanity to the coming ascension and the new messiah. There are many things they do not know regarding spirituality, they make mistakes here in their misunderstanding. Have they not already caused enough pain, misery  and fear through their abduction program. They have come to our world uninvited and under a cloak of secrecy, wishing not to be found. But they have been found


Divine Revelation – The New Message from God

Here you will find a New Message from God, provided for humanity, a Message that is still being revealed to Gods New Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, and is pertinent to what Marshall Vian Summersyou have been told here and more. If you value your freedom, you will value what is said here. If you value humanity and the human family, you will value what is said here. If you value your future and the future of the generations to come, then you will value what is said here. Humanity have been given a Great Gift from those who are known as the

Allies of Humanity, Book 1

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

Allies of Humanity. This will be found here, and so much more. This is given by God. Without this help from God, humanity would be lost forever, this will be found here.

Humanity must repel and remove this Intervention from our world. God has given humanity the means to over come and remove it. God has put within every intelligent Being the way to the Greatest Power in the universe. In the Greater Community of Worlds it is known as Knowledge each and everyone of us has come to this life purposely to assist in this Great Threat to the survival of humanity. It is of no use, to rely upon the governments of the world to do this for humanity, they have known for many years of this great problem and are afraid of the Parasites weaponry strength and so ignore its reality hoping it will go away. That is why this message is not be

ing given to the leaders and governments of humanity, for they will use it for their own gain and power over the people. It is the people who have the power within them, a Higher Authority is there waiting to emerge.

The time is late, the need is great, your calling cannot wait. Do not think you can leave what you have to do, for others to do, who are already moving towards this great calling and have started the preparation and participation. For your participation will ensure the generations to follow will be free, as you are free to take up this Great Calling. God has given humanity the means to free themselves, through the Great Spirit of Knowledge within each of us. This is why we have been born to this world and born at this time. We have been sent to this world with a Purpose that is kept safe within Knowledge, here, we must develop our relationship with Knowledge in order to gain access to our Purpose.         To achieve this we have been given the Steps to Knowledge, a Book of Knowing and a Greater Learning for humanity at these times.

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