Sep 09

Intervention, Influence and Control of Humanity

We are not alone in the Universe; truthfully we have never been alone. Though our scientists and space experts differ with this aspect. How can they know, not having traveled in space or traveled to another world, to know these things?
Yet, there are Beings that do know and know other realities.
With this, contact has been made with humanity through Marshall Vian Summers, The New Messenger from God and founder of the New Message from God.
Contact was made because of covert activity from Alien beings in our world, having put in place, an Intervention against humanity, using Influence and Control in the Mental Environment.
The beings that made contact have identified themselves as our Allies, The Allies of Humanity, to warn and advise humanity of the serious threat to our Freedom and Sovereignty of the world, a situation they have also had to deal with in their history, which resulted in great loss of life in their world.
With this first hand experience, our Allies are able to help humanity Prepare, with their wise and hard-earned knowledge to repel this Intervention, Influence and Control by giving humanity the truth of how they learned and practiced The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, a Practice now being learned by thousands of people across the world.
This practice is called Steps to Knowledge.
The Alien beings are achieving this Intervention at this time by working with those within humanity who are easy to deceive, influence and manipulate by offering them Ascension, Power and Control of the world when their taking Control of the world has been achieved.
Here, humanity are naïve and unaware of the Intervention, Influence and Control, and cannot comprehend what needs to be done in order to secure the future, evolution and destiny of the world. Here, Marshall Vian Summers is giving the world Steps To Knowledge, along with more Revelations and Scriptures never given before to humanity from God.

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