Mind Control

mind controlMind control is an ancient skill in the universe around us, but it is largely unknown here on Earth where physical conflict and dominance is prevalent.

According to the book Life in the Universe, there has been very little war in our part of the galaxy over the last few centuries. Competition in our region of space does not take the form of physical violence and conflict. Instead, the battleground is the mental environment.

Competition is confined to the realms of trade and diplomacy. Mind control, mental dominance, group mind, influence and persuasion are the weapons in these arenas.

Here on Earth we have lived in relative isolation. Few of our neighbors in the greater community know that we exist. Competition among humans has largely taken place through violence and the threat of violence. Only slowly has humanity developed the skills of inducement, manipulation, persuasion and mind control.

Compared to our neighbors in space, humanity’s grasp of mind control is amateur and unskilled. We hardly know that the mental environment exists, let alone how to use it to bend others to our will. Indeed, humanity’s interactions with one another need only have very limited development in terms of the mental environment.

Here on planet Earth people are still involved in brute force and cunning with one another. They are at a loss to explain as to how races in the Greater Community of worlds would use mind control to influence an otherwise clear mind.

“The greater, yet more subtle, mechanism by which human thought can be directed has not yet been discovered by human beings. Human beings are still very primitive in this regard, using force, intimidation or various forms of emotional persuasion. Yet, these are very gross and fundamental. Beyond them lies a greater range of involvement in the mental environment.”

– Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2, Chapter 10, Greater Community Visitations

Mind Control on Earth

Here on Earth, we have developed some rudimentary mind control skills which are much less sophisticated compared to other races inhabiting other Worlds. One example of our thought control came from the theories of Sigmund Freud. They have been used to control a dangerous, and ever growing global population in a democratic age.

Wisdom on Mind ControlFreud’s theories try to explain how human beings have deep sexual and aggressive forces which are hidden below the surface of the mind. Those in power have tried to control these forces to avoid chaos and destruction. These destructive primitive forces within human beings are demonstrated in acts of war, which once unleashed, seem very hard to stop.

Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, used Freud’s theories about human beings in the 20th Century to manipulate the masses. He worked for large global Corporations and showed them how they could make people want things that they didn’t need by linking mass produced goods to their unconscious desires. Out of this came a new political idea on how to control the masses and prevent free thought. By satisfying people’s inner selfish desires, it made them happy and docile.

This was the start of the all consuming self which has come to dominate our World today. Bernays was determined to control how the masses of people thought and felt. This was not only on an individual level but also on a group mind level. Basically there was a lot more going on in human decision making, especially amongst groups of people.

Bernays deliberately switched peoples perceptions of products from a basis of need to a culture of desire. A leading Wall Street Banker was clear what was necessary, Paul Mazer, stated that, “People must be trained to desire to want new things, even before the old have been entirely consumed, we must shape a new mentality in America, man’s desires must overshadow his needs.”

“The world in which you live is devoted to owning and affording things. Indeed, people are esteemed by how much they have, how hard they work for it, how they have accumulated it, and so forth. The accumulation of possessions is an ever increasing burden and an ever-dominating focus, overshadowing the possibility of living a true life.”

Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2, Chapter 2 Possessions

Whereas Humanity is just beginning to understand the importance of a clear mind and the importance of free thought, influence between races in the Mental Environment in the Universe is critical and well established.

For more information on mind control in the mental environment, see Life in the Universe:

“That is why outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced nations. Their emphasis is on the power of persuasion.”

Life in the Universe, Chapter 7 Competition, Influence and the Mental Environment

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