Life Force

Life forceLife Force and the Mental Environment

This is an energy that exists in all living things. However, in the Universe, Life Force has a greater value. It is a power that is developed by certain races for certain purposes.

“Life Force within you can exert an actual physical effect. It can have an impact in the physical environment. In the mental environment, it can take forms of thoughts, forces of energy, powerful and sustaining ideas, and so forth. It is a power. Life Force is not the same as Knowledge because Life Force is not intelligent. It is like clay – you shape it, you form it and you use it for specific purposes. It is pervasive, so it is very effective. It is everywhere, so it can be harnessed and used. It abides in all living beings, so its application is universal.” – Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 3 – Life Force

Life Force is not as effective in the physical arena as it is in the mental. In the mental environment thoughts can be directed at an individual millions of miles away to have an impact. The reason for this is due to the fact that in the mental environment there is no resistance except the resistance of countering ideas.

Whereas in the physical environment, there is much resistance due to the resistance of moving objects. In the mental environment the only resistance to affect the velocity of a thought in motion is a counter thought.

A counter thought must be of a mind that is aware of what is influencing it and can arouse power within itself in the mental environment to counter, block or prevent the accelerating thought from reaching it. This is called mental screening.

When you begin to concentrate on the mental environment, there is the realisation that it impacts on your sense of well being and the importance for a person’s development in the World. Once this realisation occurs, you can become aware of the mental environment. Building a good mental environment around yourself is obviously extremely important, as this is the environment you live in. If you create an unfavourable, hostile environment, you will live in that particular environment.

However, it is not just impactful influences within the World that have an affect on the human mind, such as television, radio and music but also influences from beyond the World. There are visitors from beyond the World who have studied humanity’s behaviour and predispositions for a very long time. They will create a certain mental environment influence to prevent free thought and a clear mind within the person so that they can have a certain desired impact on anyone they may encounter.

Should they wish to investigate individuals directly, the visitors will, in a sense hypnotise them. That is perhaps the best word that can be used in this situation. They will suspend people’s conscious minds and then suggest things to them that they will then tend to accept as their own. People will then forget where the suggestions came from. This makes it easier to affect people’s behaviour and to bring about a desired, predetermined set of actions.”  – Wisdom from the Greater Community, Volume 2, Chapter 15

It is important to remember that if a more concentrated mind wills a less concentrated mind not to recognise it, the majority of the time the weaker mind will not recognise the presence of the more concentrated mind.

“Remember, thoughts affect minds. Thoughts affect thinking. Thinking affects thinking. When thinking is affected, certain responses can be predetermined. because you are only used to interacting with other human beings, these things can sound quite phenomenal, even impossible. But in your mental environment now there are intelligent forces that are not human beings. They are here to collect information. They are here to practise their skills on you for future uses and advantages. This is an usual and difficult situation that requires an unusual and effective resolution. You cannot use the normal range of human explanation or human response in order to deal effectively with these influences. That is why The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is being presented.” – Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume 2

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