Life in the Universe

Life in the UniverseRaces that are principally warlike and destructive do not survive for very long in the Universe as they meet organised resistance from other races. In some cases a thousand planets may oppose one warring nation. There exists here a mature and stable state, very much unlike the situation on Earth. Hence, the powers of persuasion and perception become overwhelmingly important. Perceiving the group mind of an opponent, identifying their activities and intentions as well as their diplomacy is critical.

In order to achieve power in the Mental Environment and to impose thought control, races use ‘Seers.’ These Seers, who operate in the Mental Environment are used to witness negotiations, review contracts, oversee diplomatic initiatives and attend council meetings. As well as being used in courts of law to determine the truth or lack of it. This is a new panorama of power and influence, humanity is yet unaware of. This great frontier is something for us to discover, because until we do, we will be a primitive race in the mental environment.

Power and emphasis then is essential in the mental environment. This is the environment of thought and influence, where thought forms are created and directed towards others. They are powerful and can influence the free thought of others and obscure an otherwise clear mind, by affecting their emotions and thinking.

For example, in the Universe there are constant battles between seers – one creates a shield to obscure the other seers intrusion. If one race believes the other race has a certain key advantage and they are interested in it, that race must create a thought in the mental environment that no such advantage exists. Or if something is actually in existence, a thought is created that it is in another location.

This is why humanity is at such a terrible disadvantage as we emerge into this mental environment as an uncultivated and ignorant race.

Life in the Universe – chapter 7

Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers-2That is why you (humanity) must be extremely discreet. That is why you cannot be broadcasting your entire society out into space through your transmissions. That is why eventually you will have to have seers who are skilled, locators who are skilled and interpreters who are skilled – both to deal with the immense challenges of functioning in the Greater Community.”

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