Nov 18

Living in Times of Influence and Manipulation from Visitors

What is mental influence and manipulation?

How do we know when we are being influenced mentally?

How can humanity be influenced by other off world Races?

The questions above, have not been snatched from the air, nor are they trick questions for a party game; they have a real and in-depth reason for being asked.

Humanity is truly in a time of influence and manipulation in more than one way, because it is happening to us by our own people, those who control the media corporations across the world, who decide what they feel we should have as news.

Then there is the advertising side of their business; this is pure mental manipulation, happening on a grand scale across the world. Pushing information into the mind and in truth, is more hindrance than help, but it does the job it is designed to do, create a response.

Humanity are recent new comers to this type of manipulation and influence, for there are other forms of influence and manipulation.

Governments use it to create a path of less resistance from the people, when distractions are needed to bring about a change in how the Governments wish to restrict the freedoms of the people, for reasons that cannot be disclosed and are secret. Here they design a situation that will achieve the desired effect.

Now I can give you information of great importance, for you and for the world. There is a New Messenger from God in the world. He has come at a time of great need for humanity, a time even humanity has not realized, until now.

The name of the New Messenger from God is Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall Vian Summers He has been working in the world, receiving New Revelations and Scriptures for humanity, relating to the Greater Community of Worlds andLife in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers-2 many more Revelations pertaining to our world and the path of humanity at these times, pertinent to what I have already told you above.

Marshall Vian Summers has received communication from a small group of beings, identifying themselves as The Allies of Humanity. They have given Marshall three briefings explaining the great peril humanity are facing from Greater Community Visitors. They are here intervening in the world, using the Mental Environment to deceive and mislead humanity with the intention to manipulate and influence humanity into giving them access to the world and then to take the sovereignty of the world from humanity and keep it for their selves.

The Allies of Humanity have given us very valuable information for dealing with this situation, for they have also had to deal with intervention in their own world and were also given this great information to help them. The information given is written in three books.

Allies of Humanity, Book 1

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

.These three books are part of Gods New Message for the world, for humanity to learn of the Truth of what is happening behind the scenes.

The time is late, but just enough time for humanity to respond and take the necessary preparations, to repel this intervention from the Greater Community. By using the Gift, given by God to humanity, and is within each of us, known as Knowledge the Great Spirit and essence of God.

Here, Knowledge cannot be influenced, manipulated or corrupted nor turned away from the Truth. For Knowledge is the Truth and this is why there is a New Messenger in the world today.

Do not wait for others to do, what you need to do for yourself and for the generations to come, for humanity cannot afford to play this game. The time is late.

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