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The Mental Environment of the World is Changing.

There are astonishing things happening in the world these days, and many of them go unnoticed. Why is this? Humanity is oblivious to these things because they are happening in the Mental Environment. The Mental Environment of the World is changing and it is changing the awareness and discernment of humanity, as though humanity were captivated within their imagination, to a far greater extent than at any time in our past.

The problem here, is these changes are happening as to appear as though they were part of our evolution, as though they were normal. They are subtle and well hidden from humanity because humanity does not know of its existence. The Mental Environment is manufactured by all the thinking minds of this world and they interact and influence the minds of each other yet humanity have no awareness of this influence or that it exists and is happening.

Yet there has been a big change in the Mental Environment over the last sixty or more years, the balance that has always been in the Mental Environment has shifted. This is due to the rise of Higher Intelligence that is working in our Mental Environment, an

intelligence that does not originate from humanity! This intelligence belongs to Beings that are not from our world, and have come from the Greater Community of Worlds and they been evolving for many thousands of years in advance of humanity. These Beings are known as Collectives and be assured, they are not here for the advancement of humanity. They are groups of Beings that originate from many different worlds and all have in common the same need.

These Beings are the scavengers of our galaxy seeking out resources for worlds that have depleted and run out of their own resources and are at the mercy of these Collectives to supply these resources at a price or perish. This is the truth of these visitors to our world, this is why they are here. They see our world as a world of abundance, of so many different resources, including the resources of the human beings themselves and with this, they see everything of our world is for the taking. So we can forget about benevolent Beings coming to enlighten humanity for they are not benevolent and have other things more important to do.

They learned thousands of years ago, that war and the use of physical force wasted more in the way of resources and the life of Beings than could ever be justified, so they turned to the Mental Environment and its manipulation to be the weapon of their choice.  Now what we have in our world is a full blown intervention by Beings who are experts in the manipulation of those who are naive, gullible and unsuspecting and more to the point, those who are not aware of the Mental Environment, who can be controlled far easier with the subtle undercurrents of deceit, distortion of the truth and the guile of the most wicked.

Humanity is now beginning to understand what is happening, not because the governments of the world are telling us about this great problem, no, they have kept this whole affair under wraps, keeping the people of this world in the dark, not because they didn’t want to, but because they didn’t know what to do and lived in fear of those of the intervention believing they would use great advanced technology against us and take control by force. But you see, the intervention does not have the resources to go to war and they rely heavily upon their strength in the Mental Environment, because it has happened so many times before to other worlds.Allies of Humanity, Book 1

But humanity are not without their own strength. And humanity, unknown to us, have Allies in the Greater Community of Worlds,  who have given humanity the truth about the Intervention Visitors now in our world. The Allies of Humanity will not come and help humanity remove this intervention, because their own world could be at stake. But God knows what is happening in our world and has sent a New Messenger to teach humanity about the great wisdom and strength within our selves, known as Knowledge, given to humanity for such times that we now face by God.

Marshall Vian Summers   The New Messenger from God.

Marshall Vian Summers

So, you now have the truthful information about the Abductions, Sightings and Close Encounters that have been reported daily for many decades, not just by individuals of the general public, but by police officers while on duty. Army, Navy and Air Force Officials not just from one country but from across the world. These Visitors did not seek permission from the governments of all those who were abducted across the world, they did not seek permission to come to our world. They came here in secret and studied the human race to seek their week points their naivety, superstitions, their likes and dislikes and humanities strengths in the Mental Environment.

How good they must have felt when they found how childish, naive and gullible we are. But the icing on the cake for them, was how backward we are in the Mental Environment, how little we even know about such things. But Knowledge you see, is the greatest force in the universe. A force that comes from God. This is the help God has given humanity to repel these visitors and remove them from our world and Solar System. With the Steps to Knowledge we can gain the Spiritual strength of Knowledge and serve the purpose of our life and also gain the capacity to understand the Mental Environment.

God needs us to protect our destiny in the Greater Community and the future of the generations to come. Do not expect others to do what you have come to do at this time, for there is no time for this. All those being born to the world at this are coming for a purpose, you can learn how to discover your purpose through the Steps to Knowledge and all the New Revelations such as Wisdom from the Greater Community, revealed to The New Messenger from God Marshall Vian Summers at the








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