Dec 15

Obvious Changes Happening, But Oblivious to Humanity.

It is strange, so many changes take place going unnoticed by humanity, when the changes are in humanity itself. Why and what is causing these changes?

If we look back 100 years, the Great War was in mid term of carnage at this time. Before it and for some time after, life was so much harder and changes did not happen very often.

But in these hard times, people were more supportive of their neighbours, they came together to help others when life was working against one family amongst them, here, there were bonds made for life between families that knew what hard work and honesty was.

It was often the case, one breadwinner would be feeding two families with a wage only to feed one family. This was true giving; this was honesty from within, compassion now so rare in the world.

This is how it was, until after the end of the Second World War.
Between 1948 and 1965 is when changes were made to the Local Authorities Housing, building vast new housing estates, Schools, Libraries and Swimming Baths.

During these times, the pattern of life started to change. We were entering the modern era where the Radio was being pushed aside for the inception of the Television, the Telephone had already started its invasion into the households of humanity.

In truth it was the age of Invasion by Communication Systems including the birth and installation of Satellites around our Planet. This was a strange occurrence, but not seen at the time, because there was no explanation for their arrival and of their inventors, they  appeared and remain a secret as to their capabilities.

This is when the phenomenon of people abduction began, and I remember to this day, discovering this was happening, having read the account of Betty and Barney Hill.
A startling realisation; a startling revelation that beings from another world were interfering in our world.

This has been the realisation for more than a million people, who have since been abducted and many never seen again.
Those who returned were fortunate ones, though so tragic, it still continues today.
Here, humanity have a huge problem, for our governments have no answer to this dilemma, fearing the Alien Visitors to be too advanced technologically to make them leave our world.

In Truth, this is the tip of the iceberg, for humanity is undergoing Intervention from these Visitors, to remove the authority and sovereignty of the world away from humanity
and use our world as a resource supply for the thousands of worlds that have depleted their own resources. This is a venture in commerce and survival for the Visitors, but the end of freedom for humanity, taken for granted for thousands of years.

What you are being told here, is not fiction, it is not imagination,
it is a most sincere account of the truth you will ever read.
But, there is help for humanity in the midst of its secret yet obvious uncertainty humanity is oblivious to, for God has sent a New Messenger Marshall Vian Summers

into the worldMarshall Vian Summers to warn and prepare humanity for the coming times of Great Changes for humanity and News that humanity have Allies in the Universe who have given humanity information of how to keep our freedom and sovereignty by living with Knowledge.


Allies of Humanity, Book 1

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

Here God is aware of our need at this time and knows the Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers-2out come if nothing is done. But, it is humanity who must respond and help themselves. This is a time of great reckoning, when humanity will have to either grow up and unite or fail and be overtaken by others.

If we do not accept this, if we cannot accept
this, if it is too much for us, if we think it is untrue, then we ignore it at our own risk. For even God will not save us if we do not honour and pay heed to Gods warning as in the Great Waves of Change.

The Great Waves of Change book

The Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers

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