Apr 11

An Emergency of the Greatest Urgency for Humanity

There is an EMERGENCY in the world, so urgent, yet the greater part of humanity cannot see, hear or realise the seriousness of it.
Yet, there is a small part of humanity who can feel this urgency and  Emergency and it is getting stronger, becoming more tangible, it  moves them so deep within.

This EMERGENCY is pulling and drawing them to others of the same inclination. Here, they are drawn to each other to learn of the meaning of this EMERGENCY, for it is happening throughout the world involving many different Nations and from many different walks of life.

There is something happening in the world that is creating this EMERGENCY and you, who are reading this message, may also recognize this underlying feeling within yourself. Yet you cannot pinpoint what it is, and you cannot remember when it started it has been with you for so long that you cannot remember it creeping upon you. But you have to shrug it off constantly, and try to get on with your life.

Let me expand on this for you, because this EMERGENCY, this urgency is part of your defense mechanism, warning you of things that are not what they appear to be. They are

Allies of Humanity, Book 1

The Allies of Humanity, Book One

giving you advanced warnings to take notice and prepare, for there is something happening in the Mental Environment of the world that is taking the awareness of certain events away from you.

Within our world at this time, are visitors, forces from the near Universe, known as the Greater Community. They are working in the world under a cloak of secrecy and are using a few of humanity to do what the visitors cannot do for themselves, because their Races have been living for thousands of years in a sterile environment without bacteria, diseases, virus’s to the point they have no immune system to protect them if they enter the Earths environments. For as humanity know only to well, of the implications of the many different types of life threatening and contagious diseases that are abound on the planet.

Yet these forces have come to our world to take advantage of humanity in the difficult times that are starting to emerge in our world, a time known to a few as The Great Waves of Change. These changes are happening due to the neglect and over use of the Earths resources by removing vast swathes of forests from the world, that helped regulate the worlds weather systems, that directed the worlds seasons and their pattern of weather.

The Great Waves of Change book

The Great Waves of Change by Marshall Vian Summers

The Earth has been polluted in most of its environments, to such a degree, the damage has caused the catastrophic conditions that are bringing about the Great Waves of Change to the world, and sadly we have gone passed the tipping point of no return now.  It is no wonder people are experiencing these feelings of urgency and emergency, it is very understandable, because the Mental Environment of the world is changing. the forces from the Greater Community are manipulating and deceiving humanity, trying to take away the perception and discernment of humanity in these matters.

But within each person of humanity, regardless of their religion, nation, or upbringing, they were born to this world with the Spirit of Knowledge, a great gift from the Maker of all the Universes, of Creation and of the Manifest life in physical existence. God has given this Gift to all sentient life, on all worlds throughout the Universes and dimensions for times such as humanity are now experiencing. It is Knowledge moving you within, trying to warn you to prepare to be able to find this authority within you, this Great Spirit of Knowledge that will be our saviour in these times.

But who knows how to find this Great Spirit within us? Who knows how to seek its guidance? How can it be done?  God knew many many years ago of these events coming upon humanity, that these urgent times would arrive with humanity. So God has sent a Marshall Vian SummersNew Messenger into the world, a New Messenger with a New Message for humanity. He is in the world now, His name is Marshall Vian Summers and He bring the greatest Revelations to ever be given to humanity and the greatest Teaching of all time, the Teaching of the Steps to Knowledge, to show us how to Live the Way of Knowledge

The world is in great peril from two great threats to the extinction of humanity. To survive these times humanity must respond to them with Knowledge, it is too late to go any other way now. The Forces of Intervention from the Greater Community must be repelled and removed from the world. The Earth must be given the respect and love it deserves and regenerated by replacing the forests and removing the the pollution from the environments and so much more. Do not leave this to the later generations, for they will have to correct the errors of the previous generations as it is. Do not leave what you know you need to do, to someone else, for we have too little time, it is too late for this.


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