Feb 25

What is the Pacification Program?

“Individuals will be told to trust in the extraterrestrial presence that is in the world, that it is here to uplift humanity, to transform humanity, and to rescue humanity from its own errors. They will be encouraged to become its representatives, to become its speakers, to inspire others to give their faith and their trust to the extraterrestrial presence and to become part of this movement in consciousness, this great evolutionary change that is occurring in their midst. Yet these individuals, without knowing the real nature or intentions of the Intervention, will unwittingly become its speakers and its representatives. Having become part of the visitors’ Pacification Program, these people will now pacify others and bring them to the Intervention. So while the visitors seek liaison with individuals in positions of power in government and religion, they also seek to establish emissaries throughout the human population.” –The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Third Briefing: The Influence upon Humanity


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2 Responses to What is the Pacification Program?

  1. Mary S says:

    The question how to develop discernment is one that takes years of practice in The Way of Knowledge, but one tool I have found useful is to ask: does it help to unify humankind or divide us?

    This is a well-written article on how group mind functions: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160225-chemonoia-the-fear-blinding-our-minds-to-real-dangers

  2. Mary S says:

    Becoming educated is the other half of the equation. Here’s a snapshot of my progress on this front: http://extraterrestrial.wiki/

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